Saturday, April 9, 2011

Here goes nothin'

Well hello there,

I've been struggling with whether or not to push the button, that would make my posts much more visible.  Kinda' reminds me of not too distant episodes of "Lost."  Does it matter if I push the button?  Will the world end?  Not likely, but I struggle just the same.  What to say, what not to say.  What will offend, and yet the world goes on all around me and I know that some of the things I think about on a daily basis are very relevant.  They may not be politically correct, but they are very timely.  I would like, as much as possible in my small way to be a voice for understanding in a world that seems to be becoming more and more polarized. I have my own commitments at the end of the day, more so religious than political, I am not without biases, but I do try to understand where other people are coming from.  My husband has told me on occasion that I am an unusually or exceptionally open minded person.  I figure that's a great compliment from someone who lives with me-lol.  I hope it's true.  I remember a well known singer saying that he can walk into a bar and hear singers that are better than him.  He was pointing out that he, in contrast, had paid attention to the fine art of promotion.  So often I think that's true in our society; it's not always the voices that have something to contribute that are heard.  And so if I offend you, please know that it's not personal or intentional.  Feel free to delete me if you must, but from someone that spent a decade of my life writing songs that no one heard, there's a time to say what you think and if you don't think don't say anything, so here goes nothin.'


  1. Thanks Kelly,

    I appreciate the feedback. I was quite happy when I noticed that you were my first follower, that I had a follower-lol. I guess the big test will be finding the time to write my thoughts down. I think about stuff quite a bit, but as I'm sure you understand, it's busy. It would be nice to start a little discussion group though, which is what I have in mind.