Thursday, August 1, 2013

In my head

Well I guess it wasn't all in my head, the fear of where things might be going. The picture of a gay couple suing a church with the demand to be married, how lovely, how thoughtful, how nice of them to think of us while looking forward to their special day. Please forgive my sarcasm, but I can't help but wonder if they plan to invite the parishioners too, who can all then dress up with make up and tight corsets, complete the service with holy communion, and then invite everyone out for a late lite lunch with flowers and punch.

I remember when same-sex marriage was being put through in Canada years ago we were assured that such a day would never happen, our differences would be qualified, our dignity as human beings would be respected. This lawsuit is currently being put forth in Britain. Maybe they didn't get that reassurance there, or maybe they did. Does it matter? It just grieves me that as much as I've tried to dialogue on this issue, Marg in the middle of nowhere, I feel like I'm up against an entire culture that sees this as only having one side with one side alone. 

If I put it in different terms will they understand? A vegetarian being forced to eat a burger, a Jehovah's witness being forced to get a blood transfusion, a woman being forced to have a child, a stripper being forced to strip, surely they will understand, won't they? The left is all about choice, isn't it?  

But we'll have to watch, who will speak up for the ministers, potentially being forced to perform weddings against their conscience, against their will, against their personal beliefs, shot gun style. Who will speak up for them? 

We can only wait and hope,


Margaret A. E. Harvey

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